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Any of a type of seafaring bird, most common, the blue footed booby.
I was down at the beach the other day, and I saw thousands of blue footed boobys.
od uživatele snakemanjames 23. Srpen 2009
33 25
The best damn things since peanut butter.
They bounce and jiggle and warm and squishey! Boobies, the most wonderful things of all.
od uživatele Bryan Cook 27. Únor 2003
5684 697
1) Female organs that are:

Okay if small

Better if they protrude

Even better if they bifurcate

Best if they have also have big areola

2) Word that appears on your calculator if you key in 5,318,008 and turn it upside-down.
From age 12 to 13 boys obsess about exclusively over boobies but later diverge to include other parts.
od uživatele AbnormalBoy 07. Květen 2004
2701 970
Swimming birds (Sula fiber or S. sula) related to the common gannet, and found in the West Indies, nesting on the bare rocks.
Guy 1: "Check out those boobies!"
Guy 2: "Where?"
Guy 1: "Over there, nesting on the bare rocks of the West Indies!"
Guy 2: "...I hate you."
od uživatele super ultra hyper bishi bashi champ 05. Říjen 2003
1935 701
Round ,squishy, play toys usually found on women but in some strange occurences they are found on men.
Did you see the boobies on that girl?
Haha, that man's boobies are bigger than your mom's!!!
od uživatele joe cool 26. Říjen 2004
1425 523
Love Pillows
Im tired, i shall rest my head on your succulent boobies
od uživatele BlueHippo 05. Duben 2004
1375 504
the things to look at when you're talking to women
I looked at her boobiies while I was talking about her mom,
od uživatele tehdudorz 04. Červen 2005
982 474
an extremely hilarious word
Ha ha, boobies!

Tee hee, boobies!
od uživatele boobymcbooberson 27. Leden 2005
898 432