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A name made up by a couple people on myspace to name their city, Beaumont.

In Blowmont, CA there are no movie theaters, no sports, nothing fun.
Person #1: Let's go do something.
Person #2: There's nothing TO DO, we live in Blowmont.
od uživatele MentalSabotage63 06. Prosinec 2006

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beaumont windy blasting blowing blowumont boring lame stormy town
Since Beaumont (California) can be very windy at times people there call it Blowmont.
Beaumont comes from the french words beau=beautiful + mont=mountain...
Blowmont comes from the urban definition for blowing mountain..
Beaumont... Blowmont...
od uživatele bionicdog 31. Květen 2009