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n. A serious nuisance on Sound Transit's Sounder Commuter Rail.
I was supposed to get off of the Sounder train in Puyallup, but there was a bicyclist in my way.
od uživatele Camp Lickalotta 25. Srpen 2009
19 14
Similar in etymology to bi-curious, a bi-cyclist is someone who goes through bi-sexual periods in his / her sexual career.
Don't spin your wheels over Susie - she's a bi-cyclist and will be back to boys by next week.
od uživatele LailaMay 05. Březen 2010
3 2
Code term for bisexual.
"Damn she's hot. I'd love to go out with her."

"Like or dislike, she's a bicyclist man."
od uživatele Sex ED 28. Červenec 2006
17 29