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A place of debachery and rape within the Quake 3 mod Navy Seals community.
I am going to fuck Dan's goat tonight in the BiM Barn's tunnel of love!
od uživatele Thrymm 16. Prosinec 2003

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bim bim-server
There where drunken men find Nirwana, place where you might happen to get laid once in a while with animals...
w0rd, lets get to the bim-barn and get all holes filled up!
od uživatele Tha_slughy 16. Leden 2004
Greatest place in the gaming community ..
I whis I could join the BiM Barn
od uživatele gizz 05. Leden 2004
temple of molestation and worship of hitler.
im going to the bim barn to hail hitler and touch little boys
od uživatele fuzzynuts 05. Únor 2004