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A testicle, or pair of, that you or anyone else has defined as being better than others. In fact, they're better than the resticles.
Ryan: My testicles are the besticles, better than the resticles.
od uživatele Spennie 05. Leden 2010
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(N); a best friend who never leaves your side, they are more valuable then your testicles themselves.
"Hi I would like you to meet Sara. She is my Besticle."
od uživatele SaToria Jackhunt 26. Červenec 2008
A male best friend.
Hey Jane, have you meet my besticle Josh?
od uživatele proffessor010 07. Září 2010
A man's best friends. A variation on 'besties' referring to best friends.
"Hangin' out with my besticles."
od uživatele PettyRider 23. Duben 2010
The best of two testicles.
"The right one was simply besticle"
od uživatele Morganlicious 13. Březen 2010
Gay guy friend. Gay best friend.
I am heading to the party with my besticle, Danny.
od uživatele Conasabi 23. Srpen 2009
Term referring to 2 men that are best friends.The masculine counterpart to the female "bestie"
My besticle Mike and I are heading to the golf course then will grab some beers afterward.
od uživatele razorsedge 02. Červen 2014

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