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abbreviation of blow job or blowjob. Occurs when a female puts a man's penis into her mouth and sucks on it while tonguing the head. Apparently very popular among young teens, equivalent to kissing.
I don't think I will ever give a BJ... but I heard my best friend did it in the car while her boyfriend was driving.

Nancii gave me the best bj I've ever had.
od uživatele Jake 23. březen 2004
Boy i sure would love some mother fucking BJ right now.
#bj #bmfj #beef #jerky #beef j
od uživatele leamirt 21. červen 2009
An abbreviation for the delicious and incredibly inviting Brekky Juice.
Guy 1: Dont you just love bj's

Guy 2: Yea my mum made me one this morning
#bj #brekky #juice #yum #blow #job
od uživatele Coolio... 22. září 2009
An abbreviation for the phrase "Blow Job" (a.k.a. Oral Sexual Intercourse)
Which is the action of a male inserting his penis into a female's oral area while the female provides a generous amount of suction to the male's penis usually while erected. This suction is also known as "swallowing" or sometimes "spitting"
I gave a very attractive male a BJ approximately 3 years ago.
#blowjob #blow job #b j #b.j. #b.j
od uživatele Chey929292 25. červenec 2010
The first and second initials of our 42nd president, Bill Jefferson Clinton.
In other news, former president BJ Clinton has been accused of soliciting another intern for sexual favors.
#clinton #clintons #bill clinton #bj clinton #hillary clinton #hillary #adultery #cheating
od uživatele Timstuff 11. březen 2008
The best consolation prize you will ever receive.
Bro 1: Did you hear Bro 3 got a Bj the other day?
Bro 2: Yeah too bad she was in the redzone otherwise he would've tapped that.
#bj #blow job #oral #head #prize
od uživatele Ladies' man 313 22. leden 2012
initials for Blackjack, a popular casino card game.
Dear! I'm just gonna check some of the bj tables there, just to see what's going on..
#bj #blackjack #casino table game #21 #online casino games
od uživatele slotsnbj 22. září 2009
the most delicous thing of all time...Beef Jerky
I gave my friend a BJ when went up camping but ants got into it and he had squirmy things caught in his braces
#beef #jerky #bj #camping #squirmy
od uživatele metalhead8231 31. srpen 2008
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