best dude forever
dude, you´re my bdf
od uživatele elchesco 15. srpen 2008
Top Definition
Big Dick Face
Check out that guy. He has BDF.
od uživatele wallyraffles 12. listopad 2011
Big Dick Frank. This is a specific Style of Frank with more phallus than most. He might be found on a Bicycle with a Big Crank to match his Big Dick. Find yourself a BDF and leave your significant other now
I can die happy knowing I rode BDF's bicycle, and penis
od uživatele NotAlexButMostLikelyDevinMunga 04. listopad 2014
Broke Dick Faggot
Billy owes me $80 for that keg of PBR, but he's been avoiding me for weeks because he's a BDF.
od uživatele BustedS13 15. srpen 2010
Belligerently drunk Friday.
"Oh my god I can't remember anything from BDF!"

'What's BDF?'

"Belligerently drunk Friday!"
od uživatele wastedwhitegirl 16. leden 2012
best dorks forever
Yura and Rina are bdf :)
od uživatele dorky dork. 06. únor 2009
beer drinking fool (describes somebody)
I threw up all over the sofa.

od uživatele paul938402 26. leden 2008
Big Dumb Face

Side project of Wes Borland
"Did you hear that?"
"Yeah it was bdf"
od uživatele VoodooVille 24. duben 2004
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