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1 blunt made by connecting two blunts at the ends. So it's like smoking two blunts one after another.
buy two blunt wraps so I can roll a b legit.
od uživatele S. 22nd street 18. Říjen 2006
142 23
Two blunts put together into one= a B-Legit. Bay Area slang
Who's down to throw on a fat ass B-Legit? I got the swishers.
od uživatele Markl 13. Duben 2004
113 26
Fat ass blunt smoked either to your face, or by groups of people, Mac Dre style.
im down to smoke a blunt, nah fuck that shit im down to smoke a B LEGIT, YIIII
od uživatele The415sco 10. Duben 2006
38 92