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To hold a member of the opposite sex upside down while pouring liquor down the crack of her/his ass while a buddy lays on the ground and slurps it up.
"Jill thinks her last batch of ass shots tasted like her boyfriends dick!"
od uživatele Morley 06. Září 2007
91 58
anal sex.
I heard she is limping like that because her boyfriend gave her a rough ass shot last night.
od uživatele kazeeba 17. Srpen 2009
22 12
Originating from the game of golf, an ass shot occurs when a person is playing poorly and then has a very good shot, apparently pulling the shot out of their ass.
Damn, I've been driving it like shit today. At least that ass shot got us a few strokes ahead.
od uživatele filmeister 11. Duben 2009
16 19