An insufferable arsehole who owns every piece of apple technology possible and goes on about it all the time.
Person 1"Mike just got the ipad 2."
Person 2 "He already has an ipod, iphone, macbook pro and mac. If he keeps going on about his apple stuff I swear I'm gonna hit him."
Person 1 "He's such a stupid apple whore"
#apple #ipod #ipad #iphone #cunt
od uživatele Dr Wally 05. září 2011
Top Definition
Anyone who is Steve Jobs'es bitch and will actually buy the tablet even though the kindle came out ages ago. And will buy something just because it's Apple and Apple have produced it, I myself am an Apple Whore BUT I HAVE A KINDLE!
Apple Whore:I am waiting for the tablet and whatever comes out of Steve Jobs magical factory, god it's like Charlie and The Chocolate Factory....I got an golden Ipod!
#mac #apple #ipod #iphone #itunes
od uživatele Bee Cee 22 27. leden 2010
A person who feels the need to buy every apple product that comes out and often brags about it and shows it off to all their friends.
Guy 1: "He kept showing me stuff on his iPhone and then he took out his iPad and bragged about that for an hour!"

Guy 2: "He is such an apple whore!"
#apple #whore #iphone #ipad #brag
od uživatele qwert333 08. leden 2011
An idiotic Mac fanboy/girl who, in a fit of hatred, seem to believe that Bill Gates' Windows programs are a ripoff of Apple's original design for graphical interface.

Little do these Applewhores know that Apple Computers Inc. was founded by Steve Jobs, alongside his close friend and vice president, Bill Gates. Bill Gates designed running software called Mac-OS. Steve Jobs, along with much of Apple's staff, told Bill he was a retard and that his software sucked. Enraged, Bill Gates quit his job at Apple and formed his own company, Microsoft Corporation, on the basis of this program, which he now called Windows.
Dillon: Bill Gates is a really smart guy.
Brandi: No! He's just a con artist that stole Mac-OS from Steve Jobs!
Dillon: HA! What an Applewhore.
#appleslut #prostifruit #steve jobs' bitch #idiot #n00b
od uživatele celeryjackfreak 17. únor 2009
An Applewhore is somebody who buys every new Mac product, and talks about it all the time. If you even mention the word "PC", they look like the might vomit. They are constantly on their iPhones, and bought the iPad as soon as it came out. Even if they weren't quite sure what was so great about it, they tell everyone that "It's the best product ever!"
Person 1: Wow, check out Maggie, she's such an Applewhore.
Person 2: What do you mean?
Person 1: Just look at her, iPhone in one hand, iPad in the other, with her laptop bag over her shoulder.
Person 2: Whoa, totally.
#apple addict #appleslut #mac lover #mac addict #steve jobs
od uživatele maysayhay 20. květen 2010
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