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n. a German slang term used referring to Americans. Originally used during the world wars when speaking of American soldiers. The term is not often used in offense.

Also- a Japanese name.... Go figure.
"Ami-Soldaten!" Literally meaning: Ami Soldiers
od uživatele 41d3n 06. Leden 2008
138 191
someone who loves food eats their own shit when they get really hungry. the creater of earthquakes, and tsunamis. usually fat or obese, the kind that makes little chidren run off crying. something you go as for halloween.
Thats nasty, what an ami!
od uživatele boogabuu 09. Říjen 2008
157 244
A girl that is apparently a BAMF in the gang KAOS hosted by 2 other people
Person 1: WOW look at Ami over therre!
Person 2: Yeah, she's got a nice.....
Person 2 mother: JASON!!!
Person 1: I'd love 2 see her walk away!
od uživatele Lexilex 03. Srpen 2007
66 183
Association for Music and Imagery
od uživatele Amber H 02. Červen 2003
68 187
ami stands for American Idol. A very popular reality tv show on Fox that has people try out to become the next american idol and then that person gets 1 million dollars and a record deal of some sort.
I just watched AMI last night and Kelly Clarkson is now American Idol
od uživatele Mike Noviamas 15. Březen 2006
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