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1. Latin/Greek for Lamb.

2. A character in the video game Devil May Cry 4 who is introverted, a mad scientist, black, has a monocle, has brown hair, and hates the main character, Nero.
1. I ate the agnus. It was good.

2. I hate Agnus! He stabbed Nero in the stomach!
od uživatele MisaTange 30. Červen 2009
37 10
agnus is a ulgy hoe who dwells in st. martins secondary school. agnus is usually macked up by jordan
jordan macked up agnus and she liked it
od uživatele bryce 03. Říjen 2003
30 33
jordan's bitch. very ugly. agnus dwells in the school st.martins
dp tried to mack agnus and he smacked her spine
od uživatele bryce 03. Říjen 2003
21 36