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a alcholic drink that gangstaz like to drink...40 ounces
yo wut up LOC lets drink dez 40s..cuzz "C'z" up
od uživatele TOm-LoCc 26. únor 2005
40 ounces of beer in one big bottle. It equals around 3.5 beers.
"I'm downin' some 40's"
od uživatele Ann 16. srpen 2004
westcoast's drink everyone drinks 40's (colt 45) in cali none of dat purple drank shit
man imma go get som 40's from tha liqa store want some???
#colt 45 #40's #40'z #malt liqour #westcoast #westside #california #snoop #dre
od uživatele loc baabbby 15. duben 2007
People that hang out with one another but don't act like friends, primarily a large number of people hanging togeher but half of them aren't even associated or friends with each other. They jumble togther to look big but are pussies inside. Most of them talk shit behind each others back but don't show it. Most 40's grow increasingly fast. this occurs mostly when one person knows another person, then another person knoes another person, yet he/she does not know the other person, and the cycle continues. A person with a "40" mindset usually feels cocky since he thinks he has large support when indeed he i alone.
why are there so many 40's.
#fake #pussy #backstabbing #manipulators #wannabe gangsters
od uživatele AcidSpitaa 04. říjen 2010
a dance created in chicago
do da 40's,do da 40's.
#fourty #southside 40 #westside 40 #juke #da 40
od uživatele arnise 20. leden 2006
A Chicago Dance that looks like your riding on a horse.
Dude doing the 40s
Do the 40s
He was footworking and then he did the 40s
#juke #juking #footworking #dance #chicago
od uživatele JUKE WALK 07. prosinec 2006
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