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An ethnic Caribbean way of saying thing
Dat is de ting gyal.
od uživatele Trini 27. Červenec 2003
439 97
Add to the end of a phrase. Makes the word stronger. very. Used in north London
That girls is a buff ting.
od uživatele Andy 18. Září 2003
338 203
Jamaican way of prouning "things"
1. Let's do these tings
2. Shut the fuck up nigga, we run tings around here
od uživatele Shaun 19. Duben 2005
82 25
Someone who you aren't necessarily dating, but someone to have fun with while you are single. It's almost like someone you can have fun/do things with and there wont be any strings attached.
Girl #1: So, whats the story with you and Jason?

Girl #2: No story, he's just my... "ting" for the summer. That's all.

Girl #1: Oh okay, well you go on and do your "ting" girl!
od uživatele leinadnavlys 23. Srpen 2010
96 41
Ting= west indian/caribbean way of saying thing and its also a carbonated grapefruit drink..(I am West Indian..)
Chile you can here mus pass de ting to you mudda? (Child cant you here, pass the thing to your mother!)

Whaa Gwan John, me goin a tung go get some ting, me to tusty daaady(Hey John, whats up im going to town to get some ting, im really thirsty)
od uživatele CaribbeanCutie 18. Březen 2006
145 94
A jamaican/carribean version of "thing".
Commonly used across the caribbean and in communities in london,new york and miami.
Although usually associated with caribbean communities in london the phrase is used by people of many ethnic backrounds and has become a common word in britains large cities(especially london).
"Ting" is also commonly used by speakers of the london slang language Jafaican.
you got my tings?
od uživatele User4567gh 07. Srpen 2010
69 34
sexual favours
dan got his tings last night
od uživatele michelle 02. Listopad 2003
72 43