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Acronym for Super Hydraulic Instant Transporter
Apparently no SHIT's have been made yet with today's technology
od uživatele Roy Fenton 11. Říjen 2006
22 46
Super High Intensity Training
Mother:"Where you going son"

Son:"Fer some S.H.I.T."
od uživatele the_surf 15. Leden 2006
4 28
Slang term for the black people.
look at that disgusting shit nigger.
od uživatele sfafghdhea 10. Leden 2006
6 31
any kind of item that has no value!
You got more shit than waste managment!!
od uživatele Wade Mc 13. Říjen 2006
13 45
The male genitalia described as a collective.

See also junk.
See also scrap.
1. I couldn't get my shit up last night.
2. My bitch loves to lick my shit (perform fellatio).
od uživatele Col. Dr. 23. Duben 2006
17 89