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police slang for Be On the Lookout
We put out a BOLO for suspicious characters.
od uživatele The Frugie 19. Leden 2005
599 130
military slang - a screw-up. Can also be used as a verb for the act of screwing up.
Who's the bolo who needs to retest? He bolo'ed his rifle qualification.
od uživatele Matt 18. Září 2003
262 205
A machete originally used in the Philippines.
Pass me that bolo so I can chop some grass
od uživatele GI Bro 21. Červenec 2004
146 97
Gigantic chinese man who can mash all opposition with ease. 2. The source of all evil 3. Chinese Hurcules, Mr. Hong Kong, Bolo the Brute, the Beast from the East.
I am corrupted by Bolo.
od uživatele Mr. Bones 12. Březen 2004
189 177
A ferocious style of attack utilizing a flurry of unskilled, awkward punches/strikes, with the intention of rapidly knocking out an opponent.
"Man, dem fools was swingin' dem bolo's!"
od uživatele MindMaster8 24. Říjen 2009
9 3
South American throwing weapon, a number of balls on cords.
"I'm throwin' bolos you'll find out who's the number one solo"
od uživatele VAKI5 14. Září 2003
16 12
A punch used in Olympic boxing and sometimes MMA. The power of this attack comes from the shorting arch of the attack not hip or shoulder torc. Most fighters consider this a brawlers move not a refined fighters attack.
"I'm gona throw strait bolos"
od uživatele Gabriel Nix 11. Květen 2006
87 86