4 definitions by z4Z2

The Day that HALO 2 will come out.
Cortana: What if you miss?
MC:I wont.
od uživatele z4z2 19. Srpen 2004
something that dj lost
DJ:Excuse me while i search for my sanity.....call teh cell
od uživatele z4Z2 12. Srpen 2004
A Sandwhich with ham in the middle
person1:Want a hamburger?
od uživatele z4z2 30. Srpen 2004
typo version of "blue"
me:I'm wearing bleu shorts!
friend:are you gay?
friend:why are you telling me this
me:i dunno
od uživatele z4Z2 09. Srpen 2004

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