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3 definitions by snw

someone who is really retarded, "hurting", usually that you just want to punch in the face. Like hurtbag.
oh my god where is my bat here comes that hurter
od uživatele snw 03. Říjen 2004
6 0
getting out of control crazy drunk/high, or getting nitrogen narcosis from scuba diving
Hey Sarah, lets get NARCED this weekend!!
od uživatele snw 03. Říjen 2004
13 19
also shut 'er down

1) used when someone crosses the line, usually to tell them to shut up
2) said to people that are too loud, drunk, or obnoxiously unfunny
Sarah: "You're mom's a sleazy slut!"
Cara: "Shut 'er down Sarah"
Sarah: "I'm sorry"
od uživatele snw 03. Říjen 2004
10 24