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MBMP, MBMPing or Morning Boner Mangina Pissing is the only alternative to attempting to piss with morning boner and subsequently pissing all over the walls and floor of your bathroom. It is a simple technique, unconventional, but highly effective, wherein you stand with your ass facing the toilet, take your four fingers with your thumb extended upwards at a 90 degree angle, and fold your dick back between your legs as if to create a mangina.

Then, bending over and looking between your legs at the toilet behind you to ensure you do not miss the bowl, you proceed to piss, firmly holding your morning boner in place to prevent it from springing up and wreaking havoc.

Using this technique will allow you to avoid pissing in the shower or having to painfull force your boner downwards
Example #1:

Steve (to Bill): I can't stay over at my girlfriend's house anymore man
Bill: why not?
Steve: her mom caught me morning boner mangina pissing last time and now thinks I'm some sort of queer.
Bill: she obviously doens't know anything about dealing with a rock solid, red hot morning boner.
Steve and Bill: (yelling together) Morning Boner Mangina Pissing!
od uživatele shiteater9000 14. duben 2010
the chundercats are a super elite group of dumb bitches who go out drinking everyweekend and end up puking, falling and getting in people's faces all evening. The events of the evening are usually discussed and laughed about the next day with the other dumb bitches whom they work with.
Bill (to Steve): Hey I invited Becky and her friends over on Friday to drink with us before we go out.
Steve: dude! I don't want those hookers in our house! they're fuckin Chundercats!
Bill: yeah I know, but they are also the dumbest hooers we know and they may do somethin strange for a little piece of change
Steve: Fine, but when they Chunder, and they will Chunder, you are cleaning that shit up.

Chundercats (upon arrival): (raising their swords of power) Chundercats. HO!
od uživatele shiteater9000 14. duben 2010
Glitchin'-ass niggaz are similar to the controversial "Snitchin-ass nigga" but they glitch out hard in video games instead of snitch on their homies.

When playing halo 3 big team slayer online (and various other first peron shooter team death match games) someone- usually a fag- is seen moving irradically, appearing and then disappering and just plain glitching all over the place giving him (or her if she is a lesbian) and unfair advantage over the other players (even Koreans).

Bill (to Steve): you just got dip swerved on kid. I'm working you over.

Steve: dude your using some kind of faggy glitch mod to serbian jew double bluff me you Glitchin'-ass nigga.

Bill: I pull up glitchin' on niggaz, I don't be tryin to be hatin (Glitchin-ass nigga version of "Riding Rims" by Dem Franchize Boys).
od uživatele shiteater9000 14. duben 2010
a hoedown piss is when you go to the bathroom and don't want to wash your hands after, so, instead of touching your cock, you pull down your boxers and rest your balls on the elastic of your boxers, allowing your wiener to rest there, pointing towards the toilet. you then place both hands on the front of your boxers and proceed to squat up and down like you are at a country hoe down.

when finished urinating, one can shake by simply gripping the elastic of the boxers with the thumbs and middle fingers and simply pull up and down on the elastic, shaking your wiener and flinging piss off in all directions.

most appropriately performed outdoors or in bathrooms at fast food restaurants
I had to punch doug in the back of the head cuz I caught him hoe-down pissing in our bathroom last weekend.

(Bill and Steve's conversation after Bill, who was shitting in the stall, and Steve, who was pissing in the urinal beside the stall, leave an Arby's bathroom together and sit down to eat)

Steve: (reaching in for one of Bill's fries) Can I have a fry?
Bill: you can eat shit and die. I never saw you wash your hands before we left the washroom.
Steve: dude, its fine, I hoe-down pissed
Bill: alright then , yes, you may have a fry. but only one. or ill skull fuck you.

Bill and Steve: (highfiving) hoedown piss!
od uživatele shiteater9000 14. duben 2010
Cat Shit Carl can usually be observed working at Denny's at 3:00 in the morning on Fridays, easily recognized by his signature sour, ochre-colored cat shit-like stink.

Bill (to Steve as they are about to enter Denny's after drinking Heavily): I can't wait for my lumberjack slam, that shit is nice!
Steve (upon noticing Cat Shit Carl clearing tables): Dude, we have to eat somewhere else.
Bill: Why?
Steve: Cuz I just saw Cat Shit Carl in there and there is no way I can eat with that greasy cat shit smell lingering around.
od uživatele shiteater9000 14. duben 2010
YAFFing, or, the act of writing You're a Fuckin' Faggot Dude or (YAFFD) is an acronym used in texting, usually when texting between two guys, that is usually a response to a male friend using an emoticon (smiley face or any other kind of face). YAFFD is intended to let the person know that you only tolerate broads who use that shit because they have vaginas and tits that they may one day expose to you.
YAFFING Example:

Steve (Texting Bill): dude, tonight we should totally go and see the new Judd Apatow movie
Bill: Sounds good. I'll call you when I get off work.
Steve: :o)
Steve: why'd you YAFF me?
Bill: because you sent me a gay clown face in your text. only girls who have nice big goobler tits are allowed to make those. Seeing as how you don't have the aforementioned goobler tits, I refuse to stand for your texts, as you are a faggot.

Steve: oh!

the only acceptable image for a man to draw in his texts using colons, brackets etc. is a penis. e.g. 8---)
od uživatele shiteater9000 14. duben 2010
One who wakes up early on saturday morning for the sole purpose of furiously eating (fucking) all of the oven fresh muffins before anyone else can. They also enjoy fucking carrot cake and banana bread.
Bill (to Steve): That J.V. is a muffin fucker extraordinaire.

Steve: It's 5:30AM, better get down stairs before all of those muffins get fucked.
od uživatele shiteater9000 14. duben 2010
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