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6 definitions by muonic

Someone who is exceptionally normal or mainstream, the antonym of weirdo.
Zara is a weirdo, but her mom Linda Rose is such a normalo.
od uživatele muonic 08. Březen 2010
82 5
An eyebrow hair that is either too long, or sticks out in some other way.
I have a rogue eyebrow that keeps growing and growing, and I have to pluck it out once a month.
od uživatele muonic 23. Březen 2010
67 2
Polite way of saying shit, poo, a stool.
Abby is making a deposit in the bathroom.
od uživatele muonic 10. Únor 2010
68 11
Someone's butt, or rear end.
Check out Java's luscious buns.
od uživatele muonic 08. Březen 2010
140 89
A lesbian who typically wears pastel-colored clothes made from organic cotton. Birdseed lesbians love granola bars, and spend a great deal of their time connecting with the earth.
I need to let my birdseed friend Carol know about the sale they're having at Whole Foods right now, their sunflower flax granola bars are 50% off!
od uživatele muonic 29. Březen 2010
59 10
A small granule of feces that remains attached to the hair around the anus.
Larry really needs to start wiping better, his butt crack is full of pebbles.
od uživatele muonic 09. Březen 2010
55 15