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3 definitions by mockingjay22

various types of ghetto poses often include:
- putting two of your fingers near your eye
- doing the peace sign and sticking out your lips (like your about to kiss)
Let's do some ratchet poses and post them on Instagram!
od uživatele mockingjay22 27. Listopad 2013
5 2
when a singer releases a new song/album out of nowhere
Coldplay pulled a Beyonce! They released a new song!
od uživatele mockingjay22 27. Únor 2014
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1. frustrated soul punching another soul over something

2. rage; frustration
3. a black woman's name
If my boss won't give me the promotion... I'm about to Sharkeisha on THE BOSS!
That girl made me go sharkeisha because she was talking crap about me!
od uživatele mockingjay22 27. Listopad 2013
44 70