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24 definitions by mash92587

synonymous with "shooting fish in a barrel," relating to doing a task, often involving hunting or destroying an enemy, that is painfully easy.

Should not be used due to the inherent image of animal cruelty. Stick to the fish and barrel.
Shooting down enemy planes from an F-22 Raptor is like clubbing baby seals. It's that easy.
od uživatele MaSh92587 20. Květen 2005
refers to an internet website. Something "work-safe" will not get you fired if your boss or coworker's see it on your browzer. porno or anything with images of nude people, for example, is definately not "work-safe"
FARM SLUTS ON ICE : not work-safe
od uživatele MaSh92587 08. Květen 2005
Most definitions for Israeli are hateful. Most definitions for Palestine show no political bias towards one side or the other.

The sad part… world governments are like that. Israel never says bad things, but all Arabs and Christians curse us for retaliating to suicide bombs on civilian targets
-9/11 was bad, but if it happened to ISraelis i wouldn't care!
-Dude, don;t be such an ignorant skinhead!
-Oh yeah, well… Jesus loves me.
-I doubt that.
od uživatele MaSh92587 08. Srpen 2004
1- In the most literal definition, the edge of a blade that cuts and is sharp.
2- More slangy, the superior limit that comes with maintaining progress and advancing with the latest trends.
"We are on the Cutting Edge of technology"
"This cutting edge technique allows you to do more with less."
od uživatele MaSh92587 03. Květen 2005
Older British slang for "nose."
"I… hit him repeatedly on the conk. My reason for this was that his conk was covered with carbuncles, and I thought I should vex him by taking such liberties with his conk—which in fact I did."

-Quoted from Thomas de Quincey, "On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts," first published 1827.
od uživatele MaSh92587 08. Březen 2006
It's something that you shouldn't do, but you do anyway!
"Hey Torquemada, whaddaya say?"
"I just got back from the auto de fe!"
-quoted from Mel Brook's History of the World Part I
od uživatele MaSh92587 03. Květen 2005
adj: Suffering from kabourophobia
n: One who suffers from kabourophobia
He's a severe kabourophobic. He even gets scared of pictures of crabs. And yet Mr. Krabs from Spongebob does nothing to him.
od uživatele MaSh92587 05. Srpen 2004