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7 definitions by logos

erect and mighty pointed nipples
Hey it must be cold out because your mom has her party hats on.
od uživatele logos 12. Srpen 2003
8651 1142
(noun) A beautiful and attractive woman
She's a stone fox!
od uživatele logos 15. Listopad 2002
1379 231
a person who greatly enjoys the music of the Grateful Dead and particularly the genius of Jerry Garcia.
My sister has been to 218 Grateful Dead shows...She's definitely a true deadhead.
od uživatele logos 21. Březen 2003
637 170
(noun) short for joint. A marijuana cigarette.
You mind if I do a J?
od uživatele logos 15. Listopad 2002
479 325
(adj) relating to a high degree; absolute
She's a stone fox!
od uživatele logos 15. Listopad 2002
164 104
(n.) seeds containing the chemical LSA which when ingested in large amounts (over 150) can cause one to have a psychedelic experience similar to LSD.
I tripped hard last night on morning glories.
od uživatele logos 07. Listopad 2003
36 22
(noun) A toilet paper tube stuffed with sheets of fabric softener, used to cover the smell of marijuana smoke. The inhaled marijuana smoke is exhaled through the mojo.
If we don't use a mojo, this room will reek of pot.
od uživatele logos 16. Listopad 2002
14 27