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7 definitions by khalid

A term often used to describe a youthful homosexual male, who is smooth-bodied, only slightly-muscular, with little or no body hair, and has a semi-athletic build.

Often also being naïve, and cute, with nothing upstairs.

The gay equivalent of the mainstream `chick'.
That twink is so hot he gave me a bonner. i wanna lick his smooth body, and make him cum.
od uživatele Khalid 09. Červen 2004
1453 646
a phrase used to literaly mean lick my anus/asshole, usually said during sex to ones sex partner.
come on eat my ass, ya, thats good, eat my asshole!
od uživatele khalid 11. Červen 2004
390 228
knowing prompted by (or as if by) instinct(without the use of rational processes). A vague idea in which some confidence is placed that something might be the case
hunch/ suspition
od uživatele khalid 11. Červen 2004
172 64
A character in the tv show powerpuff girls. He is an evil talking monkey
have you seen what the owerpuff girls did to mojojojo in the last episode?
od uživatele khalid 10. Červen 2004
72 18
Talking (usually to the opposite sex who you find attractive)
Come we chirpse dem yats
od uživatele khalid 11. Listopad 2003
120 74
datttttt mans a siko!!!
od uživatele khalid 12. Říjen 2003
8 40
a relaxed or chilled out person. Most likely a nerd other names include Nikhil.
easyy blad
od uživatele khalid 12. Říjen 2003
10 44