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An annoying stank masking scent (commonly a scented oil) that subliminally causes internal cringing for members of the bathing community...A.K.A. - "Pseudo Bath", "Trustafarian Tramp Serum", "Hippie Stink" , "Soap Substitute", "Dopehead Dry-Clean", "Coward Shower", "Dank Stank", "Wanker-stank", "Hygiene Hi-jinks", "Greatful Dread", "Granola Grout", "Magnolia Mud-flap", "Drag-rat Sludge Fudge" ...Did I miss one?
"There goes another Trustafarian Granola. That patchouli scent almost ALWAYS precedes pretentious hygienic procrastination and self-righteous drivel !"
od uživatele jaypeanut 05. září 2008
When you have been pissed at someone since yesterday and are on the edge of hitting them today.
Don't say nuthin to me. You were wrong for that sh@t yesterday. I will slap you with a day old biscuit!!
od uživatele jaypeanut 14. leden 2009
A word I coined in the summer of 1997 to describe the people (mostly young adults) who relied on MTV and cookie-cutter clothes from the local malls and corporate clothing stores (ie.Urban Outfitters) to design and define their "alternative" lifestyle. It came to me in '97 when I saw a kid drive up in his red, '65 mustang wearing a mall-bought golf cap while sporting his inreasingly popular, brand new, fresh from the package wife-beater to show off his latest "tribal" arm-band tatt. The Mallternative clone can only participate in a prefabbed lifestyle that was mass produced for similar like-minded individuals designed to represent their 'unique' place in the world amongst all their other 'different' peers in the herd.
"Look at him with his pseudo-tattered, store-bought, knee-less, pre-stained jeans and his fake tattoo t-shirt...He's SO Mallternative!"

"I am the same, yet I still think I'm different, in a uniquely special kind of way...I'm Mallternative!!...hey, look, it's a Journey's right next to a Hot Topic!!!"
od uživatele jaypeanut 25. srpen 2008
When someone has every orifice, hole, crack and crease in/on their body filled with semen. Generally in reference to a megawhore, super slut or uberskank.
My neighbor is a true multi-tasker. She'll take it everywhere and from everybody. That girl leaves no hole unfilled. She's spooge-spackled up to her eyelids!!

Make sure to fill in every hole in his body. This boy needs to be spooge-spackled before the night is through...

That girl is a spooge-spackled princess aint she?
od uživatele jaypeanut 04. únor 2010
Hitting someone and making them feel like they never got a chance to butter their muffin
Don't talk to me today after what you did, I'll slap you with a day old biscuit!
od uživatele jaypeanut 14. leden 2009
Southern U.S. slang term for 'brother'. Sometimes used as term of endearment. Can be used instead of the word 'buddy'.
Hey Bubba, what's up?

He's my Bubba (buddy)!
od uživatele jaypeanut 27. červenec 2008
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