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What the majority of ignorant racist people begin their completely racist statements with, to try to justify what they are about to say... which is usually racist.

NOTE: Usually uneducated Facebook user's contribute to the vast amount of these racist comments on the internet.
Sarah's FB status: I'm-not-racist-but... asians r anoyin me so much today, I meen seriusly go back to pakistan or werever u cum from HARHARHAR lol!

*20 uneducated white people like this*
od uživatele jayjayg7 11. leden 2012
By saying this you are mocking someone who is taking a long time to pronounce a word preceding with the letter 'T' and is stuck on the first syllable of that word.

Made famous in the film, Billy Madison
Timmy: Well, yesterda-day I decided to go to my dad's house and I t-t-t-t-t-..

od uživatele jayjayg7 11. leden 2012
1. Where someone uses the word "your" when they are meant to use the word "you're", and you can't help but think in your head, "I REALLY WANT TO FUCKING PUNCH U RIGHT IN THE MOUTH".

2. Where someone use's punctuation in the wrong place. e.g. OMG!?! Yesterday. I was walkin. down teh. street. !!!

Blended words: Punctuation and Punch

Facebook status: Omg I luv all me m8s! U girls are amazing and YOUR so nice to me!! Lets meat up at teh weekend yea, oh yeah tara you left YOU'RE skirt at me house last tym u came round so if u culd cum pick it up that wuld be gr8!

Paul's comment: PUNCHUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
od uživatele jayjayg7 10. leden 2012
1. A type of face someone has when they are absolutely baked.

2. The type of face you get in pictures where someone just blinks as the camera takes the picture and their eyes are semi-open, therefore they end up looking like Charlie Sheen banging 7 gram rocks.

3. Deliberate attempt at pulling, 'The Dopeface'.
John: Haha guys come over here Phil totally looks like he's pulling a dopeface in this picture.

Sarah: Na, I think he just blinked and he was stoned so it was kind of a combination of both, but that dopeface isLEGIT!!

John: Ok it's just a photo calm down.
od uživatele jayjayg7 10. leden 2012
1. The majority of the music narrow-minded dubstep 'fanboys' listen to, i.e. Skrillex

2. Skrillex Dubstep that is recognizable and, just by listening to the song you can distinguish that, yep, it's another song by our friend Skrillex.
John: (talking to friend) Oh yeah I was listening to some music last night

Skrillstep fanboy's: Was it skrillex, was it??? Skrill? Skrillex? Well?? Was it? Skrillex?? huh? huh??

John: Umm.... No actually it was-

Skrillstep fanboy's: NEVER MIND

John: Skrillstep fanboy's....
od uživatele jayjayg7 11. leden 2012
1. When a girl makes it so obvious that the guy fucking her is doing a bad job by doing a completely sarcastic orgasm.

2. When a guy sarcastically pretends to climax when the girl is doing a terrible job sucking him off, often followed by a unimpressed face such as -.-
Phil: I was fucking Barry's girlfriend last night and she totally sargasmed... I was like what? Am I doing something wrong?

John: It was probably just your technique mate, did you return the sargasm?

Phil: Naa, she was doing a pretty good job I have to admit.
od uživatele jayjayg7 10. leden 2012
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