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3 definitions by damondrone

Transforming a forum thread into a repository for toying
Another forums.eHacked.com thread into a toyletted in a PostWhore's heartbeat.
od uživatele damondrone 10. Březen 2005
2 0
An online dump for toying wherein a subject and postings are spread across forums and through threads by postwhore(s.)
That discussion on forums.eHacked.com went down the toylette quickly.
od uživatele damondrone 11. Březen 2005
1 1
Act of playfully batting minds around like a catnip filled toy in a petshop window for one's own amusement. See also: toylette
The Ultimate Postwhore at forums.eHacked.com is toying with everyone just to watch the ensuing mayhem with sadistic glee.
od uživatele damondrone 10. Březen 2005
12 14