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16 definitions by crank

A mis-pronounced word by an old fat guy on a horse in a stupid commercial that a lot of people make fun of.
Stupid old people make up stupid words.
od uživatele crank 04. Květen 2005
348 98
A user-updated online dictionary that is often mistaken for a messageboard by some of the more simple-minded denizens of the Internet!
"Hmm, I think after I get done whacking off to crudely-drawn furry "vore" drawings, I'll go rebut the definitions of "Slipknot" with a definition of my own that doesn't actually define the word for anyone who doesn't know it already, but that'll totally put those h8-3rs in their place! I'm cool because I use numbers instead of letters sometime."
od uživatele Crank 28. Září 2003
183 69
A reference to a male organ or penis. Used as a descriptive term for ones massive manhood.
She took a blast from my beef bazooka like an experianced professional
od uživatele crank 20. Duben 2005
73 18
The modern day replacement for the child technical assistance to fix the flashing 12:00 on the VCR. Only now involving computer assistance.
I was on the phones with the moms all night giving parental tech support.
od uživatele crank 13. Prosinec 2004
9 2
A homosexual who flies man meat into his ham hanger.
Jose is an so flameboyant, he is definately a pole pilot.
od uživatele crank 25. Duben 2005
8 3
A towel that you catch your man sauce in. See also nut raghappy sock
I put my bust rag on mikes pillow.
od uživatele crank 25. Duben 2005
8 3
The very end of a penis.
I put my beef tip in her tuna tunnel.
od uživatele crank 04. Květen 2005
8 4