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67 definitions by casey

sport often left out of public skateparks for bullshit reasons...
enforced by 26 year old pedifiles named willy
i bike now let me in willy, or ill get the cops on u 4 havin sex with that 8 year old
od uživatele casey 03. Leden 2004
91 55
A town thats east of Del Mar and west of Poway, a soccer mom's paradice. There is no movie theater, no liquor store, and no major food places, but it does have 2 high schools. It has two mexican resturants right next to eachother in the most common hangout, the Vons shopping center. There is absolutely nothing to do in PQ, and pretty much everone knows everyone.
Hey, your from PQ, do you go to MT. Carmel, or Westview
od uživatele Casey 29. Prosinec 2004
47 13
1. the act of masturbating and farting at the same time

2. simulation of this act by a hand motion and fart sound made with the mouth
Zack got a detention for fartsturbating in class.
od uživatele Casey 20. Leden 2005
48 17
lets meet in real life
banginchik9283: im paris hilton's twin sister
od uživatele casey 22. Duben 2005
54 24
"Are you going to Cantina?"
od uživatele casey 02. Červenec 2003
46 19
G Unit's official DJ. If it isn't Whoo Kid, it isn't official. He is known for yelling "Damn!" or 'Can't forget" in songs for no reason. There are also plenty of random gun shots. The most annoying thing is when there is a gun shot, then he yells "Damn! Bring that back!" and the whole verse repeats. Still, his tapes are hot!
{Over lyrics that I want to hear}"Damn!"
od uživatele Casey 07. Duben 2005
48 22
A term used in the online game Ultima Online. One who prefers to play in the facet of Trammel (non-PVP), also known as a "trammy" or "trammelite". Often used as a derogatory term by those who prefer the Felucca facet.
d00d, did you see me pwn taht trammie?
od uživatele Casey 05. Leden 2004
39 13