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3 definitions by betterwatchit

When you go above and beyond the usual limits.
One of my favourite examples is in Final Fantasy X where each character's most powerful abilities can only be done in Overdrive.
See overclock
1. That N2O system put that car into overdrive!
2. Whoa! He's gone into overdrive! Run!
od uživatele Betterwatchit 18. Březen 2006
32 18
80's slang for cocaine
"That guy deals weed, speed and what you need!"
od uživatele betterwatchit 21. Říjen 2007
4 1
Anything said or done to put an end to something like an arguement or match.
So we were talking about whether the Catholic sin of presumption really existed, when one of our group read 1 John 5:13 which says "...these things I write unto ye, that ye may KNOW ye may have eternal life..."(KJV) That was a showstopper.
od uživatele Betterwatchit 09. Červenec 2006
24 61