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179 definitions by amy

when a person's ankles and calfs meld into one, possibly because they are fat as hell, or genetics may come into play.
damn, homie! those are some kankles!
od uživatele amy 12. Květen 2004
350 147
The best guitarist in the world
The new word for God
"Jade is so Jade damn hot"
od uživatele Amy 07. Duben 2004
1198 1018
1. to like, or adore
2. to copy or imitate
3. to idolize
1. J: "that guy is so fucking hot."
A: "you sweat him so hard!"

2. I painted my room purple. The girl down the hall comes in and says she painted her room purple too. My reponse: "yea, you sweat me."

3. "Jessica Simpson is so awesome, i sweat her."
od uživatele Amy 03. Prosinec 2003
425 258
a girl who wastes all her time havin' sex!!! or a slut a whore
that ho is a life waster!
od uživatele amy 13. Leden 2004
629 468
Exaggerated or foolish talk, usually intended to deceive
This is a bunch of malarky!
What is this malark?
od uživatele Amy 08. Duben 2003
168 27
My best friend in the whooooole entire world and the coolest girl you'll ever meet!
"You have no friends. Too bad you dont have someone like risa!"
od uživatele Amy 15. Březen 2004
219 94
when a girls tummy gets pudgy,round and soft from having too much semen in her diet
amys developing a cum belly from drinking so much cum and sucking so much dick. her cum belly hangs out when she sits down. she rubs it while shes on her kness sucking cock
od uživatele amy 24. Září 2003
182 63