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2 definitions by Yung Swagg7

The new weapon in Halo: Reach that will replace te BR (battle riffle). This weapon is going to be single fire unlike the Br
R which fired three round bursts.
Ah,sweet, the DMR in this game is beastly
od uživatele Yung Swagg7 14. Duben 2010
39 26
An addiction to an inanimate object most often sexual, a commen fetish is the foot (this is not weird tons of people have a fetish which include the foot, feces and oranges).If you have a fetish don't feel alone because you aren't alone I have a foot fetish there's nothing strange about it.
Wow I love girls asses they give me sexual pleasure I must have an ass fetish.
od uživatele Yung Swagg7 13. Duben 2010
110 97