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A crude weapon made usually in someones basement or garage where all the components of the gun are creatively constructed out of what is available to make the gun function. These are usaully made with such crude materials that often duct tape is even used to hold the thing together. It is usually designed to fire a low power cartridge that will not explode the barrel that is usually just pipe. Most zip guns are of .22 caliber or 12 Ga. shotgun as that is usually what is available in pipe sizes. The zip designation means that a rubberband has been used to propel a firing pin to ignite the cartridge. This method is most commonly used due the ease of finding rubberbands. This is not a hobbiest gun but a crude way to get ones hands on a gun usually to commit a murder or to be used in gang shootings or other such applications.
Guido knowing he could not legally obtain a firearm to kill the squealer that turned him in made a zip gun out of what was in his garage to kill the punk.
od uživatele The real private pyle 11. listopad 2003
Same as dammit or a an expression of dissapointment. Curse word used mainly by rednecks to express being pissed off.
Dogonnit, my horse shit on my boots again and now I'm gonna have to shoot him cause I'm pissed.
od uživatele The real private pyle 11. listopad 2003
A crude bomb that can be made in ones kitchen sink. Usually its a mixture of high octane gasoline and laundry detergent. This mixture makes is very sticky and thick. Its basically a poor mans napalm bomb. This mixture is put in an empty bottle and then has a gasoline soaked rag stuffed into the top as a way to ignite the mixture. This is thrown at its target and is expected to break (the bottle) and spread the sticky mixture of highly flammable gasoline and ignite it. This then burns its target to a crisp.
The protesters were so violent they were fighting the police with molotov cocktails. Several hit their mark and made the cops crispy critters.
od uživatele The real private pyle 11. listopad 2003
A vagina that has not been properly dushed and cleaned so that its tasty and sweet.
Betty does not clean her pussy so it tastes sour and probably has all sorts of critters floating in her juice.
od uživatele The real private pyle 11. listopad 2003
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