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4 definitions by The World

A box of sugar with pretty pictures.
Cereal is where the gov'ment puts our brain candy.
od uživatele The World 10. Srpen 2003
524 139
A gorgeous model who's origins are on the sub-continent of India.

also see Sindhi Crawford
Dude, that girl is a Karishma for 3 reasons:

1) She's hot
2) She's diva
3) Gay men flock to her
od uživatele The World 03. Říjen 2004
243 121
1. A prime example of an asshole.

2. Synonymous with asshole.
1. Cacman is an asshole.

2. You're such a Cacman."
od uživatele The World 14. Prosinec 2003
9 1
A nice place to visit. If it is before 10pm, you don't want to have fun, you are white, and don't enjoy professional sports.
Let's leave Cincinnati!
od uživatele The World 10. Srpen 2003
62 129