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12 definitions by TP

nickname my sexy-ass girlfriend has for me
Come gimme some lovin' honey buns!
od uživatele TP 02. Září 2003
86 65
large penis, well endowed male of any species
"when the vicar showed me his big knob at the village fair, my eyes began to water."
od uživatele tp 15. Červenec 2004
20 22
A female version of the ghetto word axe, used in ghetto or gangster english to replace "ask her"
Do me a favor, axer douche (Do-She) wanna bang me!
od uživatele TP 29. Srpen 2003
5 7
the stuff that explodes out of a mans bell
oh shit!! i just sent my man chutney all over your face ....sweet
od uživatele TP 17. Září 2003
40 44
1. To spend absoloutly no money.
2. Cheapest man alive
1. Go ahead and pay for 3 meals a day, don't be such an ossio
2. guy1- "why doesn't Ossio ever come out with us?"
guy2- "because he's the cheapest man alive...DUH!"
od uživatele TP 02. Září 2003
0 5
Breasts (also known as tits)
"I need to get a brand new bra for my shakeys!" :B
od uživatele TP 02. Březen 2004
3 11
a term used by nonces to talk about a ladies vage
u have a beutiful pwim pwim
od uživatele TP 17. Září 2003
2 11