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3 definitions by Sooey

A really stupid way of saying something's awesome...I mean how old is it now??
Dude: Wooow! That wuz da bomb!
Guy: Dude, thats old...shut up.
od uživatele Sooey 26. Květen 2004
A stupid McDonalds restaurant thats not really a restaurant. its like deep fried crap served on a bun. People who think its good turn into a fat-ass with 4 ass's and sue.
Some dude ate at Rotten Ronnies and gained 4 ass's in the next week, then sued.
od uživatele Sooey 28. Květen 2004
A hobo or an arse.
You are a bum with a bum who lives in a box.
od uživatele Sooey 25. Květen 2004