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3 definitions by Sai

a rude abbreviation of the word 'pakistani'
"that paki @%%#%#$?!?!"
od uživatele Sai 26. Prosinec 2003
761 439
A Japanese rock band that started in the late 80s; now consists of Sawao Yamanaka, Yoshiaki Manabe and Shinichiro Sato. The Pillows did the soundtrack for 'FLCL'
Similar band - The Pixies
od uživatele Sai 26. Prosinec 2003
56 9
A milder form of "love", much like "luv", or used in an expression of thankfullness towards a friend.
Thanks for loaning me your book. I luf you!
od uživatele Sai 27. Květen 2003
23 59