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When a female dispenses her sexual favors she is said to "put out".
Joe is going to dump his girl friend because she won't "put out" for him.

If a gal doesn't "put out" by the third date, I dump her.

To punish her husband for cheating on her, Gina started "putting out" to all his friends.
od uživatele RobbieJor 09. únor 2005
Old slang for female masturbation.
Boys like to beat the meat; girls like to paddle the pink canoe.
od uživatele RobbieJor 06. prosinec 2004
A man who likes to lick another man's cum out of his wife or girlfriend's well fucked pussy. He likes it even better if he can lick the cum off her asshole.
Billy was the "clean up man." He liked to watch other men fuck his wife and then he would lick their cum from her well fucked pussy.
od uživatele RobbieJor 21. prosinec 2004
This term is used to describe the situation where a female displays her panty covered mons. Typically she will be wearing a dress or skirt and be in a seated position with her legs crossed or spread slightly apart so a bystander can look down her legs and see her panty covered twat. If you’re lucky, you might even see a camel toe. It’s a real teaser. More than half the time she does it as an exhibition to tease males. The rest of the time it’s an “oh my gosh” accident where she forgets to keep her dress or skirt pulled over her knees and her legs tightly closed. This situation is not to be confused with similar views from upskirt situations.
Gina is wearing her tight skirt to class; there will be lots of laundry shots today.

I like to go to Joe’s Lounge after work; there’s lots of women there and lots of laundry shots.
od uživatele RobbieJor 14. březen 2005
The sound, in the form of a rapid staccato, made by the slapping of a guy’s ball bag against the girl’s ass during sexual intercourse. The sound can also be made by the slapping of thighs. The thapping sound is usually accompanied by other fuck noises like moaning, groaning and heavy breathing.
I heard the thapping sound coming from their bedroom and I knew my parents were having sex again.

They let us out of work because of the approaching storm. Instead of going to the bar with the guys I decided to go home early and be with my wife. When I got to the top of the stairs I heard the thapping sound coming from our bedroom.

When I fuck Gina she gets really turned on when as soon as she hears the thapping sound and then she goes all out until she comes.
od uživatele RobbieJor 07. duben 2005
This term is from the late 50s and is used to describe an unidentifiable ass problem.
Why’s Joe so grumpy today?
Ah, don’t pay any attention to him; he has thrombosis of the poop shoot.

Where’s Joe?
He’s in the can again. I think he’s got thrombosis of the poop shoot.
Must be from the refried beans he had last night.

Where’s Joe?
He’s gone to the doctors. His girlfriend gave it to him up the ass with her strap-on and now he thinks he’s got thrombosis of the poop shoot.
od uživatele RobbieJor 23. březen 2005
A shaved pussy; especially around the labia and anus is she's saving some hair for the front.
I went down on my new girlfriend last night for the first time. Wow, she has a clean plate.
od uživatele RobbieJor 21. prosinec 2004
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