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3 definitions by Nook Logan

the opposite of lukewarm. Used to describe something that should be cold but is only moderately cool.
Krapf: "This is soda is cool at best."
Levens: "It's rather vadercold isn't it?"
od uživatele Nook Logan 21. Březen 2008
12 2
Having the ability to make Skype video conferences mentally with no computer necessary. However this does require an Skype username.
Hiker 1: I can't wait to video conference with my girlfriend so she can see these beautiful mountains

Hiker 2: How can you possibly do that. We have no phones, computers, or internet service

Hiker 1: Didn't you know that I'm a skypic? I can just do it from my mind.
od uživatele Nook Logan 17. Leden 2011
4 0
The quality of being very old.
Lou Holtz is very krapf
od uživatele Nook Logan 03. Prosinec 2007
7 1124