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8 definitions by Mr. BRW

Nickname for the premium cable channel Cinemax due to it's penchant for showing soft-core porn at night.
"Skinemax is a lot cheaper than going to the strip club."
od uživatele Mr. BRW 05. Únor 2008
187 68
When you're so cold, that your penis tries to suck back into your body like a frightened turtle into it's shell.
"Dude, you should know better than to go skinny-dipping on the first date. You never show the frightened turtle to a chick who hasn't already seen your meat."
od uživatele Mr. BRW 07. Únor 2008
36 7
To spread your ass cheeks open wide to prepare for insertion.
"I bought my girl a diamond today. She's gonna gape it for me for sure."
od uživatele Mr. BRW 18. Únor 2008
31 6
The seats at a strip club that are right at the stage. So called because you are "so close you can smell the pussy."
"I've got a shitload of ones; let's go to sniffer's row."
od uživatele Mr. BRW 06. Únor 2008
20 6
Combination of Hmong and English. Usually used to make fun of a Hmong person's poor English or grammatical mistakes or as a Hmong person's excuse for poor English or grammatical mistakes.
"Mary is a total bitch. She's always ripping on Lee for her Hmonglish."
od uživatele Mr. BRW 05. Únor 2008
15 5
To give road head in exchange for a ride.
Oral sex for compensation.
"What a great night. I found a cute hitchhiker willing to pay for gas."
od uživatele Mr. BRW 05. Únor 2008
13 4
The act of anal to ejaculation, followed by a tossed salad, then usually followed by a kiss.
Dude, you are sick. I can't believe you gave her a chocolate smoothie.
od uživatele Mr. BRW 05. Únor 2008
7 0