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25 definitions by MikeTazer

i BEG you NOT to go to www.thatsnotsexy.com. you have been warned.
EWWW... thats not sexy!!
od uživatele MikeTazer 08. Srpen 2008
334 62
womens rights! GET IT? LOL!
od uživatele MikeTazer 09. Srpen 2008
361 190
that stupid annoying pop-up add that says "The fart button, push it, you know you want to" then when you click it, it leads you to some spam website where you have to click on some kind of glory hole and buy stuff.
I wish i waz teh god then ide KILL all the SPAMMERS!!! die The fart button!!!
od uživatele MikeTazer 26. Duben 2007
49 7
pretending to have sex with words in IM or chat room.
guy: puch it in harder
girl: *moans with pain*
guy: *skeet skeet*

-chat sex
od uživatele MikeTazer 18. Duben 2008
54 17
the perfect tool to cut up trees and people.
teh chainsaw is teh awezomeness! *VROOM*
od uživatele MikeTazer 25. Duben 2007
65 36
the cereal company that sells the EXACT cereal as the name brands for half the price with a bigger bag.
person 1: OhHhH!!11 D00dz!! i just g0tz a b0x 0f G0lden GraHmS f0r 0nlyz $5.95!!!11!eleven1!!

person 2: Your a fucking retard. You can get more of the exact same cereal from Malt-o-Meal for only $2.50

person 1: SHIT!!!!
od uživatele MikeTazer 08. Květen 2007
27 3
my nap time (this part is just filler because urban dictionary thinks that was too short)
3rd period is math class, better catch up on 50 minutes of sleep...
od uživatele MikeTazer 26. Březen 2008
31 9