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73 definitions by Meh

how dumb people spell "masturbate"
i gotsta ta go masterbate rihgt no!
od uživatele meh 01. Červenec 2003
980 396
A person (generally a female) who is addicted/obsessed to/with Slash
omg.. I'm such a Slashaholic
od uživatele meh 16. Duben 2005
495 54
I remember the days when Banana Republic meant a country in Central America

Now its a clothing store that sells really nice clothes
"I'm going to Banana Republic to buy some clothes."

"Isn't that a little far just to go shopping...?"
od uživatele meh 12. Duben 2005
479 147
Meh is used to say whatever, I don't care, I don't have an answer, I have nothing else to say, I'm frustrated, not interested or your joke isn't funny.
Person 1: Aghhh!!! My penis is falling off..
Person 2: Meh

Person 1: Meeeeeeeeeeh, I dunno what to do about this guy I like...
Person 2: Meh
od uživatele Meh 06. Červenec 2004
313 192
the smallest breed of dog, first bred in Mexico
Ren Hoek is on pissed off chihuahua
od uživatele meh 16. Červen 2006
202 88
A crazy person. Loopy
Whoa that person is so odd, such a fruitloop.
od uživatele Meh 30. Květen 2004
109 28
showing balls or guts
boy that guy sure has some fuckin gumption
od uživatele meh 19. Červenec 2003
94 37