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3 definitions by Mathew Cunningham

A person who can be otherwise known as a Rat, Nark, or Tattle Tail. He/She suffer's the unfortunate proclivity towards debasing him/herself by engaging in sociatal suicide.
od uživatele Mathew Cunningham 02. Srpen 2003
A uninteligent person, also can be a term of endearment.
Oh you little poopstain you.
Look at that poopstain, what a dork!
od uživatele Mathew Cunningham 08. Květen 2003
According to Gary, Jim Reddy is this...
Soooo, what does that make Gary?

Ooo, Ooo, I know, he's the asshole that leaked!

od uživatele Mathew Cunningham 04. Leden 2004