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107 definitions by Martin

A euphemistic abbreviation of the (UK) slang phrase "the Dog's Bollocks", which expresses approval.
His new bicycle is the DB's!
(His new bicycle is the Dog's Bollocks)

meaning: "His new bicycle is superb!"
od uživatele Martin 18. Listopad 2004
6 7
Casual Word for a Dog.
"Hello Kippo, Goos Boy"

"I'm taking the Kippo for a Walk"
od uživatele Martin 27. Únor 2004
2 3
A 'Rude Boy', Who insists on following the rest of the 'Narh Danz' crowd by wearing the same cloths and talking/walking in the same, rather stupid way in order to show strength.
I was Approached By a group of Narhs who stole my money
I was approached By a group of Narh Danz who stole my money
od uživatele Martin 27. Leden 2004
2 3
A Oxnard Hardcore band.
Total Resistance is a NardCore band.
od uživatele martin 11. Prosinec 2003
0 1
that is so shibby
od uživatele Martin 30. Září 2003
4 5
a guy who acts soppy in the sack
god that guy i had last nigth was such a wankweed!
od uživatele Martin 14. Březen 2003
2 3
to cruise, to ride. be a rider, a cruiser
"... 20 inch lorenzo, thats tha way I cruzzo..."
od uživatele Martin 25. Březen 2005
0 2