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The best band in the world... they're from New Jersey. Their album, Dream to Make Believe, came out in June of 2003.
Guitarist/Vocalist-Ben Jorgensen, Guitarist-PJ Bass-Anthony Drums-Nash Breen...nicest guys you'll ever meet in your life.
Ben Jorgensen is sexy... ;)
od uživatele Marta 30. leden 2004
the best people in the world!!
me and the polish race
od uživatele Marta 12. červen 2003
Katja is my coolio friend, luv her!!
A person u like to spend time with!!
od uživatele marta 28. prosinec 2004
th hottest sexiest man with the greatest voice on this destroyed planet!
i love h
od uživatele marta 31. červenec 2003
my cute croatian friend who's biggest fantasy is to be a supper star....
blonde who wants to make it all happen!!
luv ya!
od uživatele marta 15. leden 2005
great, awesome, wordhot
that car is mint
that girl is mint
od uživatele marta 21. duben 2003
"big box" said in the Spanish language (slang, diminutive/"cutesy" form). a large container typically constructed with four sides perpendicular to the base and often having a lid or cover.
My dog peed in the cajone cuz he had already crapped on the couch.
od uživatele marta 26. září 2004
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