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13 definitions by MAD ANGEL

A thinly rolled cigerette or joint.
The racehorse I had last night at the party blew me away.

Roll me up a racehorse and pass it up to me.
od uživatele MAD ANGEL 12. Srpen 2005
10 9
Get the hell out of here!
Leave this place its shit!
No action here lets blow this hole !
od uživatele MAD ANGEL 08. Srpen 2005
1 1
leave early because you have an appointment to keep and you have to be on time.
I have to shoot the pig at about three
o,clock because I have to go to the doctors.
od uživatele MAD ANGEL 08. Srpen 2005
2 5
a dirty dude that doesn't clean his knob after hes dropped a load in his hand or he'll probably tell you that he's had a babe.IT smell like when you go into a small time closed up butcher shop.
here comes butcher dick,I wonder who he reckons hes fucked today.
od uživatele MAD ANGEL 24. Červenec 2005
4 10
A rice rocket is a Japanese bike but
now days they are getting a lot quieter
and when they idle they sound like
Why don't you sell that yellow hairdryer and buy yourself a real bike
like a Harley?

THe new hairdryer he bought really moves but I would still rather a Harley
any day.
od uživatele MAD ANGEL 15. Srpen 2005
19 34
The noun for one thousand dollars-$1000.Made by the shortening of
Grand Piano.One grand meaning a thousand dollars.
Let's go for a drive and see our mate
Charlie,he still owes us a grand.

You joking I would'nt even give him a grand for that bucket of bolts.
od uživatele MAD ANGEL 12. Srpen 2005
11 36