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TA storage is a gamer nerd whose real name is Alex. He lives in San Francisco, California, and was born in May in 1991. He claims to know a lot about computers, but can't prove it and makes constant references to OutKast and Weird Al Yankovic. He spams constantly on the Tests forum at eCritters. He was recently mistaken for a black kid named Keenan, to which he responded, "I'm not KEENAN you perverted dopes! That's a black name. I'm not black." Also uses the name weirdal28 and is known for dissing his other accounts to keep people from guessing that the 5 other people in the topic arguing are all actually him. Adores Cpheoix and meer'kitty.
Random eC user: Don't pull a TA storage and anti-mature for no reason
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od uživatele Keenan the Baller 07. květen 2008
National Society of High School Scholars.
The NSHSS sent me an invitation and I joined.
#high school #scholar #society #nerd #vip
od uživatele Keenan the Baller 07. květen 2008
Short for eCritters.
I went to eC and flamed the forums.
#ecritters #internet #ta storage #skizzors #read
od uživatele Keenan the Baller 15. červenec 2009
Means "that we are".
The staff are gonna think twe're insane with the eems.
#internet #ecritters #phillip o. berry academy of technology #smart #lol
od uživatele Keenan the Baller 14. květen 2008
A magnet high school in Charlotte, North Carolina consisting mostly of wannabe gangstas, gamer nerds, a couple /b/tards, and some weaboos. It opened in 2003 and has more computers than any other school in the district.

There are three career academies: Information Technology, Engineering, and Medical Science & Biotechnology. The first two are located upstairs and the last is downstairs. It doesn't really matter what academy you're in, though.

Every other week most kids riot in the hall screaming either "WEST" or "EAST". For the first few days of the school year everyone's pretty anti-social, but by the time March hits people are jumping over the indoor balcony, throwing water balloons at each other, and skidding stink bombs across the floors.

Outsiders try to sway kids from going to Berry by telling them that the school's full of druggies, but that's not true. Most of the students have never even seen a drug. Violence is hardly a problem, considering there are only about four fights a year.

A lot of the IT academy students go about muttering "Berry sucks" every day, and will probably eventually leave to go to Vance or Harding.
Two random Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology students-

Student 1: I'mma be on Xfire tonight after studying for my AP english test, 'kay?
Student 2: Yeah man, I'm always online, 'member?
#high school #magnet #charlotte #failures #north carolina
od uživatele Keenan the Baller 07. květen 2008
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