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103 definitions by JT

Used to describe something that is undesirable, boring, all around terrible.

Also - bilved, bilves, bilvage

This word was created when a co-worker and I were having a conversation about our supervisor whose last name was Silver.

"Silvery is so bilvery" - that's how it started.
These moldy chicken wings are so bilvery.

Man, today at work was pure bilves.

I really bilved that one up.

Maximum bilvage.

Here comes Mr. Bilvadere. (Sometimes used to describe someone that is bilvery)
od uživatele JT 14. Duben 2004
10 4
A deviced used by those who have no idea where they are, to assist them in going nowhere in particular, using the shortest possible route.
A GPS knows where it is, by subracting where it used to be, from where it isn't.
od uživatele jt 13. Červenec 2003
7 2
A leet was to say Voyeur - The act of spying on your gran when shes rubbing her clit in the shower.
calum baird watched jan as she masterbated ferociously
od uživatele JT 18. Listopad 2004
6 2
A superhero who is paralyzed from the neck up; they must be confined to an ab-rocker
JT The Megaplegic whore
od uživatele JT 08. Listopad 2004
5 1
terebos to the max.
Work today was terebos to the flazeebos.
od uživatele JT 15. Duben 2004
5 1
bad boy in chinese
seui jai 4 life
od uživatele JT 21. Listopad 2003
7 3
Yet another internet typo slang word. This one is for the word "sup", a shorter version of the popular greeting of "What's up?"
"Su, fool"
od uživatele JT 03. Květen 2003
8 4