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A word used to discriminate against one's attributes (for example race, religion, or sexual orientation). Also used as a general insult.
My punk ass dad: Look at that dude, he's such a fucking gomer!
Me: Shut the fuck up you stupid bitch!
od uživatele Hand Hanzo 21. prosinec 2004
To conceal a lot of weapons at one time in a container, for example a basket. Taken from the concept of Baby Bonnie Hood from DarkStalkers 3, who carried weapons in her basket.
That girl couldn't hsien-ko all those squirtguns on her hip, so she basketed them instead.
od uživatele Hand Hanzo 15. duben 2005
acronym for "Caffeine And Sugar High". Easily obtained by mixing an energy drink (for example Red Bull, Mad-Croc, BooKoo, Omega, Sobe No Fear, AMP, etc.) with a high caffeine beverage like Mountain Dew or Jolt Cola.
I called my friends over, scored some cans of Omega, and mixed it with Jolt. We all drank some. Then we stayed up all night on this mad cash we were having.
od uživatele Hand Hanzo 15. duben 2005
A gangsta street code, representing what a thug sees and has to go through every day. It stands for


Snakes, backstabbers, haters, enemies in general, are associated with one of these things when they attack you. If you are true to the thug life, then you have seen a lot of these things and are used to it.
Jonathan: Yo, how you been livin'?
Mike: It's JERICHO 4 life on these cold streets of the muthafuckin' ghetto.
Jonathan: Yeah, I feel you.
od uživatele Hand Hanzo 01. srpen 2005
A popular phrase on 4chan. The phrase was supposedly invented because the v-tec engine 'kicks in' at a certain speed. Mainly used in reference to cars, but some people have said it for no reason at all on 4chan.
I dare you to say "v-tec just kicked in yo" outside of 4chan. Even better, say it in meatspace!
od uživatele Hand Hanzo 25. březen 2005
1: Any kind of hentai containing anthropomorphic creatures, such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Krystal (Starfox: Adventures), etc. Furry pr0n is very enjoyable, and can also be very hawt.

2: Anyone who looks at such hentai.
Sonic pr0n is what took me over to the furry side. Now I'm furry, and I never want to go back. I am forever hooked on furry pr0n.
od uživatele Hand Hanzo 01. duben 2005
The best image board in existence. Whether you're there to chat on World4ch, talk about video games, get your daily anime kick, post images of nature and wildlife, show off your art, discuss technology, or bust a nut to some hentai, 4chan is teh r0x. I'm there everyday. You can become popular on 4chan through posting witty comments and uploading images. You can also use a 'tripcode' (# followed by a code or code word), to lower the chance of imposters. The highest quality hentai is posted to 4chan everyday. There are many categories in 4chan, for example /n/ (Nature and Wildlife), /h/ (Hentai), /d/ (Alternative Hentai; for example hentai with tentacle rape or dickgirls in it), /b/ (Random, where you can act like a total idiot and get away with it...extremely fun!), and /c/ (Anime/Cute. Post your kawaii stuff here) There are many more sections, go to 4chan to see for yourself. www.4chan.org
I go to 4chan everyday to look at some hentai and discuss video games.
od uživatele Hand Hanzo 01. březen 2005
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