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35 definitions by Frank Booth

ghetto spelling of motherfucker.
Cap the mutherfucker.
od uživatele Frank Booth 17. Březen 2007
60 23
to depart, leave (from O Brother! Where art thou?)
The boy's ma not here. She dun runnoft.
od uživatele Frank Booth 09. Leden 2005
40 4
a no longer out-dated term for the telephone system. Now that AT&T has eaten up BellSouth, Ma Bell lives again. Watch her eat up the other surviving Baby Bells. She's like that evil robot in Terminator 2, whom they chopped up into bits and the bits melted and melded.

Aaaaauuuugggghhhh! Holy Jesus, no! It's Ma Bell! She's back! The dead live! THE DEAD FUCKING LIVE!!!!!
od uživatele Frank Booth 22. Březen 2007
66 41
The realm in which the flims "Clerks," "Mallrats," "Chasing Amy," "Dogma," and "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," take place. These films were all directed by Kevin Smith and all include the characters Jay and Silent Bob, sometimes known as Bluntman and Cronic.
Dogma is my favorite movie in the askewniverse.
od uživatele Frank Booth 01. Leden 2005
32 8
believing in the sanctity of private property, libertarian
Murray Rothbard was a propertarian.
od uživatele Frank Booth 05. Leden 2005
29 9
a slang language spoken in Boonville, California
Boonters speak Boontling
od uživatele Frank Booth 01. Leden 2005
28 11